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August 13, 2021 – Building a Statewide Telehealth Network Learning Collaborative

August 13, 2021
8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Who is eligible to participate?

Therapists are chosen for the project by CAC state chapters and local CAC centers. Eligibility
for the project includes:

  • CAC Therapist or a Therapist that is connected to a CAC through a linkage agreement
  • TF-CBT trained, including completion of consultation calls (or if just trained, in consultation calls)
  • Willingness and excitement for learning and enhancing skills

What are the technology requirements?

Nearly all of the equipment needed is standard office equipment such as a laptop, or desktop with internet connection. Other technology needed include a telehealth platform with point to point encryption which meets HIPAA criteria for privacy. Platforms such as Skype and FaceTime are not considered secure. Clinician headphones are highly recommended to
increase sound quality and confidentiality.

What are the costs of the collaborative?

Costs associated with the training and Learning Collaborative are covered by the CAC state except for the clinicians time and equipment/platform.

Clinician expectations

  • Attend the 5 hour initial training
  • Participate in 8 bi-weekly conference calls
  • Present a telehealth case
  • Attend 3 hour follow up advanced training
  • Actively participate in learning
  • Network with other clinicians
  • Share created resources
  • Collect and use metrics to help to assess progress and guide future improvements
  • Participate in program evaluation activities

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